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Extended Car Warranties

When a person purchases a car they often wonder if they should get the extended auto warranty. There are some things that a person should know about extended auto warranties to make sure they get the one that best fits their needs.

Additional Coverage

Extended car warranty8When a person purchases a car they will often get some kind of warranty with their vehicle. Common warranties cover the car for three years or 36,000 miles whichever comes first. They will replace something that goes wrong and there will be no cost to the customer. Extended auto warranties are designed to offers similar coverage for a longer period of time.

Extended Warranty Basics

When a company claims that they offer an extended warranty a person still has to carefully read the information. A person should make sure that the company that provides car extended warranties is reputable and make sure they are valid. A person should find out what company is going to handle possible claims and where they will be able to take their car for service.

Exclusionary Plans

When purchasing the extended warranty be sure to find out what is covered. Some warranties may exclude certain times such as electrical issues. Also ask what items are excluded from this plan. Some of these plans may be supplemental or only provide partial coverage. Also find out if this warranty covers parts and labor fees. Do not assume that this will be part of the plan. A person may be able to get their vehicle fixed but may have to pay an expensive rate for labor.

These are just some things to keep in mind when looking to purchase an extended warranty on cars. These warranties are designed to give a person additional coverage and protection for their cars and provide them peace of mind in case something were to go wrong.